How we pack and ship


/pmg/ is a place of great wisdom. One should never use generic plastic holders to ship coins. After some consideration, it's been decided to use Lindner products. It's a well-established German manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience.

We'll use their acid-less single, double, and sleeve coin holders, depending on the order.

If you decide to ship in an envelope - we'll put two pieces of craft carton or something similar, and shim the coins in between. It should provide the required protection.

For heavy and/or bulky (as of writing this there are no bulky items yet, but it's planned) orders parcel shipping is the only option. Ships in a bubble/box mailer, depending on the size and your preferences. We'll still use Lindner holders, kraft carton/hard paper and some filler. Making sure that it's all well-secured is our top priority.

If you have any tips or suggestions - drop me a line at [email protected]