About us

Our company

Old Silver is a small family run store, located in the Far East of Russia.

We aim to bring an ever expanding product selection, fair prices, interesting promotions and bonus items to provide you with a satisfying shopping experience. Our goals:

  • Coins sourced only sourced from trusted suppliers
  • Great customer service
  • Making our customers happy

Our team


Does the tech stuff and interacts with suppliers.


Carefully packages every order, you can trust a person raised in USSR, for what it's worth that place was extremely demanding - we had to win over the West and America, and it's no small task. And my mom did very well, all based on merit and effort.


Runs errands and ships orders. After all exploiting child labor is one of the benefits of having them.

We will try our hardest to do well by you. We are raised to believe in fairness.