Gold, platinum, palladium and silver coin ordering service 

*this page describes the ordering service - me being your Russian market scout and representative. regular order info and bonus tiers*

Russia has a very rich culture and a very rich history. And during that history we've minted a lot of cool stuff. Different metals, different weights, different occasions, there is a lot.

So what I am offering is to be your representative on the Russian market. There are so many great coins for sale, many of them are under or very close to spot, since Russians don't really know about the upcoming PM boogaloo.

For example, let's take this beautiful 1oz palladium coin minted right before the fall of USSR:

25 Ruble Palladium coin

Let's say you are interested in it, I do my detective work around runet (and I do it well, have accounts on all the major auction/classifieds websites), let's take this auction website as an example, these are all Pd 1oz Pd coins for sale:

You want the ballerina one, it's priced at 218,500 RUB, which is ~2.9k USD. It's so expensive because of its numismatic value, it's very rare these days. Checked another auction:

Cheapest 1oz Pd coin is 160k RUB or 2.12k USD which is below spot. Seriously, there are SO many great opportunities, sometimes it's simply unbelievable. We have 1KG Ag coins, 1KG Au (for real, but obviously very expensive) coins, Palladium/Platinum coins, gold coins from Russian czars from back in the day, a lot of very interesting and unique stuff.

Payment: after the legwork I present you with the find(s). If it is something you'd like to have - you transfer the funds, I complete the purchase and ship it to our warehouse. Once it arrives, we'll inspect and take pictures to make sure that it matches the description.

Shipping: once that is done we discuss shipping - UPS, DHL, Russian Post, anything that available in the area. Insurance, value declaration - everything is up to you. We settle this and you transfer the shipping fee. Could be discussed during the coin ordering, so you don't have to transfer twice.

Fee: fee for the service is 10% before shipping. Minimum order amount is 1,000 USD, but first orders could be smaller to streamline the process.

Payment methods: crypto, Yandex.Money (using a debit/credit card) or PayPal

  1. The best and fastest for us to work with is Yandex.Money. It only accepts RUB - you'll convert with your bank's rates.
  2. Crypto is #2, comes with a 2% service fee, very fast as well
  3. PayPal is the slowest to work with - after getting the payment it has to be transferred to our bank account, which takes 5-7 business days. And it's the most expensive for you: comes with a 4.4% PayPal fee and PP's conversion fee. 

If you are interested - message us at [email protected]

You don't need to have a particular coin in mind, just a metal will do, we'll go from there.