After COVID plandemic many destinations are still unreachable for Russian Post air mail. Many countries do not accept air mail at all.

Russian Post publishes a spreadsheet (reuploaded to Google Sheets) with current destinations and waiting times, they have a special page with updates:

As of now, AU, NZ, US, UK, EU, CA - all are reachable. Shipping times have been updated recently, they are as follows:

Destination Shipping time, days
USA 10-20
Canada 15-20
EU 15-20, 15-25, 15-30, 15-35
UK 10-20
AU 15-40
NZ 25-50 (ugh)

If you would like to make a purchase and your country is not in the drop-down menu during the checkout, message me at [email protected] to have it added. We did not expect clients from countries other than the West.