Minimal order amount is 20$, so every order gets bonus item(s). Table below reflects free coins/tokens you get with correlation to the order amount.

Order amount 1 Pfennig Silver vodka token 10 Pfennig Silver "scale" money Free shipping
19.99+ - - - -
39.99+ - - -
59.99+ - -
79.99+ -

At 100$ order you get EVERY bonus item plus free shipping. This bonus program does stack with other discount codes and promotions that will be run from time to time.

Please, note that if we run out of a particular item it will be replaced with a higher tier item or a similar one (we have some 2 and 5 Pfennig coins, they could be used instead of a 1 Pfennig one).

Also, it's important that you understand that this bonus program is complimentary. We will try very hard to keep all items or similar replacements on hand at all times. As of now we have a lot, so no worries.

More info:

1 Reichspfenig

Silver vodka token

10 Reichspfenig

Middle ages silver "scale" money