• This one has Томас Росс's initials, it was minted in England.
  • This one has Пётр Латышев's initials, it was minted in Leningrad, Russia.

Poltinnik "Molotoboets"

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50 kopeyek silver coin from early USSR


All coins are from circulation, some have spent some time underground. Many used to hide them away so (((commies))) wouldn't get to them. Overall shape is good/very good.

Patina is there, they haven't been cleaned.

Fifty in old Russian is "poltina", so poltinnik translates to "fifty units of currency", this word is used to this day.

Common-folk named this coin "molotoboets" (молотобоец), which literally translates to "hammerstriker".

These were minted only from 1924 to 1927, 1 Ruble silver coin was only minted for one year in 1924.

Once they started minting these the demand was so high that a huge part was minted in England. USSR made a deal with the Royal Mint of England to mint 40 millions of poltinniks. You can easily identify where your coin was minted by inspecting the outer rim of the coin:

If it has letters "Т.Р." or "Ф.Р." - these letter are the initials of the person responsible for their mintage, in this case it is Thomas (Foma) Ross - they were minted in England. If they were minted in Leningrad (former Saint-Petersburg) the letters will be "П.Л" - Petr Latyshev (Пётр Латышев).

Refer to the last couple of images for examples, both come from the pile.

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